Since its inception in 1983, Phelps Computer Services has served California’s businesses, from the smallest home-based offices to the likes of IBM and the State of California. Carefully choosing substantial and enduring technologies enables us to spend less time starting from scratch and more time perfecting our craft to better meet the needs of our customers, whether they be large or small. This approach also affords us the time to make a science of needs assessment, which in turn makes it possible to maintain our high standard of quality while serving a broad range of industries.


Consulting: Know How…Now!

While technology and experience are both important, neither is worth much without the ability to communicate effectively. Our experience and specialized training make it possible to summarize complex information in terms that are directly relevant to the decisions that face you.

Database Application Development Featuring Microsoft Visual FoxPro: Why hire just any programmer when you can have a Fox pro?

Visual FoxPro represents the pinnacle of not only Xbase language development but of database language development. Visual FoxPro has featured scalable Structure Query Language (SQL), full object orientation (including inheritance), and has been fully equipped for serious Web development long before competing products (including Microsoft Visual Basic!) As a result, we were fine-tuning our Thunder object oriented framework before other developers could even start developing a framework. And because a well-designed framework reduces complexity and saves time, you save money. So when you look for a pro, be sure it’s a Fox pro!

Web Development: Imagine your image

We make state-of-the-art web pages with state-of-the-art web tools, including Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Microsoft FrontPage. Profit from our experience with creating dynamic web content, such as interactive database queries and updates.

Systems Administration: Networks that work

Our proactive approach to managing networks minimizes the unexpected and maximizes your comfort level.

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