Dan Jeffrey, Associate Programmer and Technical Writer


Experience as a programmer and systems manager totals more than 18 years. Areas of expertise as a developer include C++ (MFC), FoxPro, Excel, Windows Help creation, and software documentation (both technical and end-user). In addition, management skills have solidified by seminars at Stanford and with independent management consultants.


1992-Present: Principal, PC Managers – Custom programmer and consultant. Created custom applications for local companies and branches including Sunrise Bank Mortgage Division and Delta Dental (DDP*Delta).

1980-92: Vice President, Sierra Saw Chain, Inc. – Managed conversion from Qantel minicomputer to AS/400 minicomputers for company of 25 employees in Sacramento and Portland. Wrote custom programs for use within the company in Qantel QicBasic, IBM RPG, IBM CL, and Microsoft Quick Basic.


1993: Application Development in Microsoft Excel – Software Development ’93, San Jose

1990: RPG for MIS Managers – Seminar

1990: Beginning & Intermediate CL Programming Seminars – IBM

1990: AS/400 System Management – IBM

1990: PC Support – IBM

1989: Graduate, Financial Seminar for Non-Financial Managers – Stanford University

1988: Graduate, QicBasic Programming Seminar – Qantel

1988: Graduate, Professional Development in Basic – PC

1978: Bachelor or Science, Biochemistry – University of California at Davis. Honors.

Community Involvement

1994-1995: Production Editor, .READ, Sacramento Xbase Users Group – (Known as “Sacramento dBASE Users Group” from 1981 to 1993.)


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