Tonia Dyas, Associate Programmer


Over 16 years experience in writing and documenting dBASE III, dBASE IV, Lotus, FoxPro, and Visual FoxPro applications. Experienced in the techniques necessary to train novice users in the use of computers. Skilled in PC acquisition, set up, and maintenance.


1992-Present: Consulting Programmer – Provided complete custom software development services using FoxPro and Visual FoxPro.

1978-1992: Fremont Indemnity Company – Met with users, analyzed data needs, established database designs. Wrote and documented numerous dBASE III, dBASE IV, and Lotus applications, including reinsurance billing and collections systems, cash receipt posting to the mainframe general ledger, warehouse inventory system (shipping and receiving), claims inventory and statistics system, litigation appointment schedules, company identification system. Converted existing systems for use on a Netware network. Documented all systems and provided training and support both on these systems and on off-the-shelf software used by the company. Established hardware and software needs and justified these needs ito upper management. Determined the best vendor sources and made the purchases. Set up hardware and installed software. Performed diagnostic tests identifying faulty hardware. Established maintenance routines and data backup procedures for all users.


Computer Studies – The Learning Tree University, Chatsworth, California. Completed classes include dBASE III Programming, Advanced Lotus 123, WordStar Mail-Merge, Local Area Networks, Put your PC Online, Basic Programming, and Advanced Programming Techniques Using Clipper.

Computer Studies – Data Tech Institute. Completed classes include dBASE III/IV Advanced Programming, Trouble Shooting and Maintaining the IBM PC.

Ashton-Tate 1990 Technical Conference – Ashton-Tate

Community Involvement

1996-Present: Treasurer, Sacramento Microsoft Database SIG

1994-1996: Treasurer, Sacramento Xbase Users Group – (Known as “Sacramento dBASE Users Group” from 1981 to 1993.)


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