Web Development

Doug Alberts Internet Consultants

Consulting – Assisted with maintenance of NetLink Interactive Cart System (NICS) and provided assistance with web page layout. Company now known as

Also see: NetLink Data-Communications, Inc., NICS

Institute of Management Consultants (IMC)

WebGen – Added HTML-generation capabilities to an existing database application, WebGen. WebGen generates the web pages that contain the various listings of consultants available through IMC’s web site. These listings are sorted, grouped, and presented in various ways, such as by name, location, specialty, etc. Worked closely with Webmaster to be sure that generated pages are consistent with the other parts of IMC’s web site.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – (See Experiences, Administration, Menco, EDI.)

NetLink Data-Communications, Inc.

NICS – Designed and implemented portions of the NetLink Interactive Cart System (NICS), the Internet’s first Internet shopping cart featuring a product database that could be updated over the Internet. NICS was written using a combination of Microsoft FoxPro and C.

CyberCash – Integrated CyberCash Internet payment technology with NICS. Designed and implemented web sites that used CyberCash. (recently purchased by VeriSign)

Other Projects – Heavily involved with the development of web sites for countless NetLink clients, including AT&T, CitiWeb (directory service), CMS Services (credit card POS), Historical Images, Parker Development Company (real-estate), PHA (real-estate), Renaissance Homes, Roseville Telephone Company, Sacramento Jaguar, Sacramento Light Opera, Sarco Knives, Skanline (paint ball supplies), SMC/Ahmanson Homes, Von Housen Motors (now Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento), Vosaic (streaming media), Western States Bankcard Association (WSBA), and several of the local radio stations. Internal projects included NetLink’s own website, The NetLink Dating Service, Sacto-Buisiness.Net (directory service), and ArtLink (on-line photography sales and exhibit). Projects used various combinations of CyberCash, HTML, Microsoft FoxPro, Microsoft FrontPage, NICS, and Perl.

(Note: domain name recently transferred to another company)

Internal Projects

Panzer IV Universe – “Pet” project. Every HTML file that makes up the entire website is generated by a database application custom-written in Microsoft Visual FoxPro.

Phelps Computer Services – Business web site developed using Microsoft FrontPage (this web site).


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